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Sharma, A K

Standardisation of composition for the manufacture of milk-shake - Karnal NDRI 1977


The different variables studied in the above experiments were, The fat content that is 3,4 and 5 percent, The milk sohicer not fat contents which were takens 12,13and 14 percent and were enhanced by either rolles or spray dried skim milk powder. The contents of suggar(10%) and sodium alginate as stabiliser (0.4 Percent) were kept as constant in all combinations strawberry flavour was used for the manufacture of milk shake. It was observed that milk shake mix made from spray dried skim milk powder and containing 5 percent fat, 13 percent milk solids not fat, 10 percent sugar and 0.4 percent sodium alginate with strawberry as the flavouring compound produced themost acceptable milk shake in terms of whipping ability (18.00 Min.) Farm ability (79.94%) Flavour score (9.00) Body score (8.67), Terture score (8.83). It was further observed that it was posible to make a good quality milk shake,at home and without the necessity of asoft serve ice cream freezer, by reconstituing milk shake mix powder in the requisite on proper amount of water (in the requisite on proper amount of water (in the form of crushed ice). aging for 2-3 hours in refrigerater if possibel and mixing for 90-120 seconds in a home mixi.

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