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Bhushan, Bharat

Varietal trial of multicut Sudan and Sorghum types in relation to yield, chemical composition and cellulose digestibility of fodder - Karnal NDRI 1974


In a 3-cut management of 10 sudan and sorghum types the highest yields of green fodder were produced by ssg 59-3 fallowed by HF S 822, piper and HFS 478. The sorghum types performed well only in the first cut and were poor in subcequent cuts mainly due to low regeneration capacity. Crude protein was the highest in Sl 39 (10.28%) and porest in composite-1 (6.69%) and Impi jowar 6.54%) with the highest in the composite-1 (13.46%) in the second culting and 10.83 in the third culting. The highest E.E content (2.25%) was shown by Impi jowar butthe total yield per heatare went in favor of 4 sudan types. The highest concentration of eateium and mognesium was in MP chari where as highest P content was found in IS 6090 (0.4%). The A.D.P and cellulose contents were found to be highest in HFS 822.

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