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Sharma, A K

Effect of incorporation of nisin producing streptococci on quality of yoghurt - Karnal NDRI 1975


The present investigation was undertaken with a view to increase the shelf life of yoghurt by incarporating nisin producing streptococci in yoghurt starter. Two nisin producing cultures S lactis (4.96 and M6) were used at 1% level along with yoghurt starter for preparation of yoghurt at 40,42 and 45 degree CXC S lactis 496 checked the increase in acid production during storage of yoghurt produced at 42 degree C. S lactis M6 was not found to be effective at any of the three temparatured tried out of different levels of S lactis 496 tried to check the acid production during storage only 0.75% inearporation checked the acidity to desired level. The acidity after 5 days of storage at 30 degree C was found to be 1.1% in yoghurt having nisin culture S lactis 496 where as in control samples this level of acidity reached within 24 hours of storage. Acetaldehyde content of yoghurt having nisin culture S lactis 496 was higher than that of control at all stages. It declined during storage in both the samples almost at the same level.


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